emballage agroalimentaire et bioplastique

Agro-food packaging and bioplastic

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The food packaging market has historically been one of the first to have used bioplastic materials.

Today, it remains one of their first outlets, primarily in the field of rigid packaging (biobased PET water or soda bottles, biobased PE bottles for dairy products, PLA packaging trays, etc.) as well as flexible packaging (biobased PE or PLA primary or secondary packaging films, etc.).

These packages are also often disposable, which makes the use of biodegradable polymers relevant, especially those which can be directly composted at home.

The packages are also an excellent means of communication regarding environmental issues related to the use of these materials.

Benefits of using bioplastic



Improvement of the environmental footprint of the packaging



Additional end-of-life option with biodegradability



Facilitated communication on the product. For organic products, contents/container sufficiency