Childcare and bioplastic

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Today, the childcare market is a niche where bioplastic materials are seeing an increase in use.

In several cases, the benefit is essentially the improvement of the environmental impact of the materials and the concept of harmlessness when the products are used by young children.

Thus, this market is rather turning towards biobased and biodegradable materials like PLA for articles like baby bottles, cutlery, etc.

In case of applications where safety is an issue, like car seats for children, the focus is on the long term environmental impact of using these products in vehicles and its improvement thanks to biobased polymers.

Using loaded compounds (certain plant fibres or by-products) is also increasing in demand owing to the possible visual differentiation of the finished products.

Benefits of using bioplastics



Improvement of the environmental footprint of the products by using biobased versions for long lasting products



Competitive in terms of properties



Appropriateness for use (natural, health, etc.), visual communication (use of by-products)