Sports and leisure and bioplastic

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The sports and leisure market is one of the markets undergoing exponential expansion as regards bioplastic materials.

The quest for specific performance levels in the long term has resulted in biobased and non-biodegradable polymers like biobased PA being used frequently for parts under mechanical load, or even bioelastomers (TPU, TPE) for applications requiring impact and abrasion resistance, or flexibility (footwear, etc.).

In certain cases, using biodegradable polymers can be an advantage if using these products entail potentially leaving them in nature (golf tees, hunting cartridges, etc.).

Using loaded compounds with by-products is also increasing in demand owing to the possible visual differentiation of the finished products.

Benefits of using bioplastics



Improvement of the environmental footprint of the products by using biobased versions for long lasting products



Competitive in terms of properties, biodegradability at the end-of-life



Communication regarding the use of natural materials and the appearance (using by-products)