NaturePlast, your bioplastics supplier

Today, there is a wide range of petroleum-based plastics which were developed 70 years ago to best meet the requirements of industrialists specifications. This range of plastic materials satisfies two primary objectives, i.e.:
  • The transformation procedures for plastics through injection, extrusion, blowing, etc.
  • The properties expected from the final product: mechanical resistance (flexible or rigid), thermal resistance, chemical resistance, effective lifetime, colouring, etc.
Industrial-scale transformers or users of plastic materials thus expect the same capability of use from new materials which they will need to work with, including plastic materials with vegetal origins or which are biodegradable. Yet, most of the polymers have been developed and industrialised recently (approximately 20 years) and thus have not yet reached the same level of technico-economic performance as the ones which preceded them. In response to this requirement, NaturePlast’s objective is to be the supplier of bioplastics with the widest range of alternate solutions. To achieve this, NaturePlast decided to offer industrialists the entire range of unprocessed bioplastic materials produced on the global market on one hand, and standard or customised bioplastic compounds on the other hand, thus meeting specification requirements which are not possible today using unprocessed materials.


NaturePlast remains the only distributor in Europe for all bioplastics produced across the world through trading. The range includes all the biosourced and/or biodegradable plastic materials.

Natureplast is a supplier of a range of bioplastic compounds which we produce at our site and which respond to a number of problems not solved by biosourced or unprocessed biodegradable and compostable plastics.

Natureplast is a supplier of a range of bioplastics produced in our factory using plant fibres or by-products originating from French industries. The objective is to incorporate these by-products or local waste material in different polymers to work on the concept of a circular economy and reclamation of waste material.