Fibre and by-product biocomposites

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Since 2015 NaturePlast has been producing and marketing a range of biocomposites consisting of by-products (for example: shellfish) and plant fibres (for example: hemp).

These by-products and plant fibres are sourced mostly from the French territory. The objective is to incorporate by-products or local waste material in different polymers to work on the concept of a circular economy and reclamation of waste material.

These fields were chosen for their industrial viability, in terms of volumes and quality (reproducibility of batches). These by-products are sourced primarily from agro-food industries, like shellfish, algae, fruits and vegetables, etc.; and from the agricultural field, like plant fibres (wood, flax, hemp, miscanthus, reed, bamboo), and grains (wheat, corn, etc.).

The resulting innovative materials may also present an environmental benefit owing to the reclamation of waste material or by-products into new materials, which allows the companies, for example, to work in a circular economy: the generation of waste material or by-products shall be used for manufacturing a product usable for the company (for example: using hemp by-products to mend fence posts).

These biocomposites also provide highly atypical designs which cannot be reproduced simply by colouring. The differentiation for the consumer is thus immediate after seeing the developed product unlike the range of bioplastic raw materials which look a lot like conventional plastics.

This list is not exhaustive, it is possible in certain cases to identify and use new fields for obtaining by-products which are targeted as per a precise requirement.

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