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The raw materials

NaturePlast remains the only distributor in Europe for all bioplastics produced across the world, which can be classified into two categories :

  • Biosourced plastics: Biosourced PE (biobased polyethylene), biobased PET (biobased polyethylene terephthalate), biobased PA (biobased polyamide), biobased TPU (biobased thermoplastic polyurethane), cellulosic (cellulose acetate, etc.), etc.
  • Biodegradable plastics (biobased or otherwise):  PLA (Poly Lactide), PHA (Poly Hydroxy Alcanoate), Biopolyester (including PBS, PCL, PBAT, etc.), biodegradable TPE (thermoplastic elastomers)

The primary products which we market can be viewed in the links below. Other products may be provided in each of these ranges. Do not hesitate to contact us so that our team can guide you to the best product for your projects.


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logo Natureplast