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AGROBOOST: development of agrotextiles, geotextiles, and agro-sourced packaging with “boosted” performance and controlled biodegradation.


The objective of AGROBOOST is to develop textiles with the highest possible biobased content with total and controlled biodegradation without fragmentation in order to remedy a shortage of suitable materials and products that perform on the market, and to meet the requirements in certain domains of agro-textiles and geotextiles, in view of a regulation that shall ban fragmentable polymers eventually.

The biobased constituents will be plant fibres, natural binders and biodegradable biopolymers (aliphatic polyesters and copolyesters) obtained from biobased monomers. The targeted applications for agro-textiles and geotextiles are:

  • Mulching using natural fibre felt for the protection of plants
  • Strings and supports for agriculture and horticulture
  • Protective nets for crops against bad weather conditions
  • Packaging nets for fruits and vegetables
  • Knit reinforcing geotextiles with a short service life


  • 9 partners
  • Budget of 2.5M
  • Financiers:  Normandy region and BPI France
  • Execution period:  2011 – 2015
Région normandie


NaturePlast is in charge of the definition of the formulations of biobased and biodegradable compounds, their production, and their industrialisation.