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MATADORE : Matériaux Thermoplastiques Adaptés à bioDégradation Optimisée Respectueuse de l’Environnement

(Thermoplastic Materials Adapted to Optimised bioDegradation Respectful of the Environment)



The purpose of project MATADORE is to design materials with a controlled biodegradation profile for applications in various sectors of activities. The innovative nature of the project is built on using two complementary approaches : 

– Controlled biodegradation by the formulation of biodegradable raw materials 

– Planned biodegradation by incorporating decomposition accelerators that are specific to each material The project consists of two major innovations: 

development of materials that are completely biodegradable with isoproperties, and choosing the biodegradation profile/kinetics with an adjustable degradation time. 

The purpose is to design products which have a very short service life (days) to a long service life (months/years) for civilian applications (pyrotechnics, snow torches, etc.) and military applications (shells, packs, cowls, etc.).


  • 3 partners
  • budget of 450k
  • Financier:  DGA/DGE
  • Execution period:  2015 – 2019


NaturePlast has been the driving force behind setting up project MATADORE, and has been ensuring its coordination since it was started in 2015. NaturePlast is in charge of the definition of biodegradable raw materials formulations, their production through compounding and characterisation.