Modulation of the service life of bioplastic

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While the biodegradability of certain bioplastics is a technical advantage depending on the applications, it remains necessary to ensure a functionality throughout the duration of use. Today, it is possible to modulate this loss of properties, and to adapt the service life of the biodegradable material as per the application:

  • Acceleration of the biodegradation kinetics in soil or other environments (aqueous, etc.)
  • Improving the service life by improving the resistance to degradation factors

This adaptation between the biodegradable material and the desired service life of the product is obtained particularly thanks to our know-how in formulation acquired through joint projects, client services and our internal R&D.

Our work can also be characterised thanks to our equipment which allows simulating the performance of the product in operating conditions, using a temperature controlled weathering chamber and characterisation equipment which allows for the measuring of the loss of properties.

Examples of benefits of modulating the degradation kinetics: 
  • Agricultural products: mulching film, plant supports, vine clips, etc. / horticultural (flowerpot, supports, etc.) / sylviculture (protection sleeve for young trees, marking plate, etc.).
  • Disposable fishing equipment: mussel net, ties, etc.
  • Leisure: fireworks, cartridge filling, etc.
  • Etc.