Optimisation of bioplastic properties

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Bioplastics possess intrinsic properties that need to be improved in certain cases to meet industrialists expectations. The optimisation of bioplastic properties may concern:

  • Optimisation of mechanical properties: increasing the flexibility, rigidity or resilience of the of the materials.
  • Improvement of thermal properties (positive or negative).
  • Modulation of the speed of degradation of biodegradable materials (acceleration or slowing down).
  • Improvement of the capability of being transformed through injection, extrusion, blowing, etc.
  • Incorporation of plant fibres or by-products: modification of the design, improvement of mechanical properties.

This work allows us to offer bioplastics with improved properties, which allow for the integration into new markets. For example, BiopolyNov has developed technical materials which are currently marketed by NaturePlast:

NP High temperature range

NP Soft range

PLA-based compounds

PLA-based compounds

compounds base PLA​
  • Thermal resistance 120°C
  • Biosourced material content > 80%
  • Food safe
  • Biodegradable
  • Injection and extrusion grades
compounds base PLA​
  • Production of fine translucent films
  • Biosourced material content > 90%
  • Food safe
  • Biodegradable
  • Blow film extrusion grade

This know-how on the research and development regarding modifications and optimisation of the properties has been improved upon every year since 2010, when BiopolyNov was created, through the work which we carried out as part of joint projects, our internal R&D and various client services provided.

Every year, we develop about one hundred formulations which allow us to respond with even more responsiveness and technical expertise, resulting from this technical and scientific perspective.