The advantages in terms of marketing and communication

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Bioplastics also have a socio-economic benefit, they often have a positive impact on the consumers, who are increasingly becoming aware of environmental issues. Being able to use more eco-friendly products is a demand which most consumers have today.

  • Meeting a consumer demand
  • Positive image of the company
  • Attractiveness of the product
Without going into greenwashing, bioplastics partly help meeting these expectations while conveying a positive image of the company which markets these eco-designed products. This is thus a useful communication tool for companies, who can thus adapt the containers to ecological contents. Bioplastics are a commitment made by the company towards an approach of sustainable development, and sets it apart as an innovator. Moreover, launching new products using these renewable plastics has significant effects on media, and allows a company to stand out from the competition.
  In a BVA survey carried out at the beginning of 2010, the general consensus was that French people have a very positive opinion of bioplastics: 97% of them find them beneficial, and 67% think they can contribute towards resolving environmental problems. This survey revealed that while only 7% of the French population already have a product made using bioplastics, a majority of them think that these are the products of the future. They see two primary advantages in this material: its contribution towards reducing greenhouse gases (69%) and its biodegradability, which helps in the transformation of waste material into compost (67%). Bioplastics thus also have the benefit of a good image with the public, who largely regard them as an environmental contribution. (Source: BVA)