Agriculture / horticulture

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The agriculture and horticulture markets are part of sectors which are logically suited to the use of biodegradable materials. That is why they were among the first ones to integrate these new materials.

It is easy to imagine using a biodegradable polymer which will have a service life and duration of use which can be compatible with the seasonal agricultural and horticultural activities.

The best example is that of agricultural mulching films, which allow for promoting the growth of crops. Using a biodegradable version of these films thus allows for the elimination of the gathering and processing of the films, since it is possible to allow its fragments to undergo biodegradation in the soil in a non-harmful manner.

Other applications can be cited here, like vine clips, different links or attachments for crops and flower pots.

Benefits of using bioplastic



Biodegradation results in the soil being enriched in organic matter, since the materials used are mostly biobased.



Biodegradation in soil or environment of use



Reduction of costs by eliminating certain steps of processing plastic waste material



Differentiation from the competition