Plastic bags and bioplastic

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Today, the bag manufacturing market is one of the most visible markets and most known to the public as regards bioplastic.

The trends adopted by the industrialists that pit disposable versions against reusable ones are leaning towards using various bioplastics.

The prohibition for using bags at checkouts or for fruits and vegetables unless they are compostable at home and biobased makes it mandatory to use these materials, and provides several opportunities for their use. In certain cases, the bags may be reusable if they are thicker than 50µm, which allows using exclusively biobased versions like biobased PE.

The garbage bag market is also, for the past several years, an opportunity for using compostable (retrieval of green or organic waste) and biobased polymers.

Benefits of using bioplastics



Allows for the optimisation of the end-of-life of products



Biodegradability of the materials



The current and future legislations impose the use of certain bioplastics



Sufficiency between the use and biodegradability of the materials