Transportation and bioplastic

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The transportation market is undergoing exponential expansion as regards bioplastic materials.

There are three primary areas of application:

  • Injected parts, which can be made using biobased polymers like Polyamides (fuel pipes, under-the-hood parts), Polycarbonates (optics) or even biocomposites using wood, flax, or hemp fibres for structural or decorative parts.
  • Textile fibres for decoration (seats, door panels, etc.) made of biobased PET, PLA or Sorona fibre (PTT)
  • Flexible foams for seats made of biobased PUR.

Using biobased polymers allows for an improvement in the environmental performance in the long term.

Benefits of using bioplastic



Improvement of the environmental footprint of the products by using biobased versions for long lasting products



Competitive in terms of properties, potential reduction in weight thanks to natural fibres



Facilitated communication regarding these applications. Eco-friendly materials associated with new, more eco-friendly engines (electric engines)