Our companies

NaturePlast is an innovative company that produces and markets plant-based and/or biodegradable plastics. 

NaturePlast launched its subsidiary BiopolyNov in 2010, which has remained since its creation one of the main players in R&D in the world dedicated to these materials.

We are located in Caen in Normandy in new premises of 1000 m² built in 2022

Our missions
Our missions

– Select the materials that suit you
– Prioritize local partners
– Formulate and design materials that meet the challenges of sustainable development
– Promote locally the by-products of French industries
– Support manufacturers in the use of more responsible materials


Our values

The environment : it is no secret that our environment is fragile and that it is up to us to take care of it. At NaturePlast, we are aware of this reality, and of this responsibility incumbent on us : we must act today, in order to be able to live tomorrow. Our activity allows us to act on our scale, by offering sustainable solutions that are more respectful of our planet.

Innovation: we work on recently developed materials, and as such one of the essential aspects of our business is to offer new solutions adapted to a need. Innovation is therefore a natural part of our activities. We strive every day to invent new proposals – and even if today they are not all perfect, we strive to innovate so that those of tomorrow are.

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Respect : at NaturePlast, respecting the world around us is obvious. Respect the environment, of course, but also people. Whether it is our employees, our customers, our suppliers and our partners, we strive to be attentive to best meet everyone expectations. Working for tomorrow also means (and perhaps above all) working together, in trust and mutual respect.

Our team

A dynamic and experienced team made up of women and men passionate about their professions at the heart of sustainable development and innovation.


Our partners

NaturePlast works with a large network made up of technical partners (universities, technical
centers, experts, etc.) and institutions:
Competitiveness clusters (B4C, Polymeris, Aquimer, Valorial) as well as the financiers of collaborative projects (Europe, Normandy Region, Normandy Chamber of Agriculture).

Our actions

  • Internal environmental charter
  • Sorting of our waste at source, composting of our biodegradable plastic production scraps
  • Participation in plastic waste collection actions on our French beaches

key figures
Our key figures

Key dates


NaturePlast company creation (trade, expertise, production)

Creation of the BioPolyNov company (research and development)



Launch of an industrial compounding pilot line

Creation of a new industrial activity of grinding-micronization-screening of co-products



Construction of our new building

In 2021

Effective :

15 employees

Annual growth since 2019


Number of clients supported since our creation


Number of formulations developed since our creation


Annual tonnage of materials marketed


R&D investment

750 000€

Share of R&D investment

25% of turnover