bioplastics training


New materials, new players, scientific breakthroughs and mainstream applications, the field of bioplastics is in constant evolution for more than 15 years. Expertise, bioplastics training or techno-economic study can update you quickly and efficiently on this business area.

With more than 10 years of experience, NaturePlast positions itself as a bioplastics market Expert. It owns the most extensive portfolio of bioplastic materials in Europe, ranging from vegetable-based to biodegradable materials. With its daughter company BiopolyNov, NaturePlast supports industrials from the origin to the industrialization of their innovative project.

NaturePlast provides also expertise activities in order to share its knowledge on these materials and to allow its clients and partners to acquire a better understanding of the bioplastics world.




Through this training, NaturePlast has a vocation to restore and share its experience acquired during all these years. Taking place on one day (7 hours) and requiring no prerequisites, it is intended for technical, R&D, commercial, marketing personal or companies’ management or public establishments which want to inform themselves or deepen their knowledge on the subject.

This bioplastics training is divided in three main axes:

• Learning the fundamentals of bioplastics.

• Knowing their technical characteristics, the advantages and limits: production, properties, use and costs.

• Choosing bioplastics depending on the components and associated functions.

Even though, this formation remains general, it can be adapted so as to respond to the specific requirements of your company. It is also an opportunity to facilitate the bioplastics integration in your products’ innovation and sustainable development strategy.

This moment of discussions will allow you to discover the latest news and trends of the bioplastics field but also to identify the most relevant material solutions for your projects and applications.




NaturePlast offers tailor-made techno-economic studies. Monitoring is an essential activity for any company in order to stay aware of market and technologies constant evolutions.

NaturePlast can provide studies that meet specific demands and problems. These studies can have a general approach of the bioplastic market or focus on the substitution of materials/ products / packaging with these materials.

We can thus support you in the identification of routes of eco-conception developments and industrialisation of bioplastics solutions according to your needs and expectations.


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