New biobased and biodegradable thermoforming solution

To end the year on a high note, NaturePlast has just added a new solution for the thermoforming process to its portfolio. After several months of development at its BiopolyNov R&D center, and prototyping trials carried out with a partner, NaturePlast has launched a new compound: NP SF 137.


This biopolyester-based formulation is 51% biobased (based on calculations) and is composed of industrially compostable components. It is intended for thermoforming, a process used in the production of trays and jars. The tests carried out showed that the material was well suited to this process, producing flexible, impact-resistant packaging.




The formulation of this new compound was made possible thanks to the European Bio-Plastics Europe project, which funded the work. As part of this collaborative project, NaturePlast was able to work on optimizing formulations for a wide range of applications (toys, agricultural film, packaging), while benefiting from the support of the other partners for specific tests (ecotoxicity, biodegradation in various environments, recyclability, etc.).

Meanwhile, NaturePlast continues to work on other thermoforming solutions with a lower environmental impact. New solutions with a higher biobased content and an optimized end-of-life with domestic composting should see the light of day in 2024.