Addition of a functionality to a biopolymer

functionalityAddition of a functionality to a biopolymer

Certain bioplastics have the option of being biodegradable in natural environments such as soils (earth, industrial compost, domestic compost, etc.) or marine environments. This option may be used as an opportunity to impart new functionalities to the product. It is thus possible to incorporate beneficial additives which may be released during the use or end-of-life of the product. Biodegradation thus becomes a technical advantage even during use and no longer only after end-of-life. Various problems related to this subject of incorporation and release of active ingredients have thus been investigated in the past few years. There are various distinct beneficial applications; and, there are many other applications not listed below where biodegradable plastics can provide this technical benefit. The active ingredient may be incorporated using different incorporation technologies: compounding, compression, impregnation. The medium which contains the active ingredient may be manufactured in different forms: granules, injected or extruded finished parts (film, etc.). BiopolyNov is actively working on these problems in order to benefit from new opportunities for incorporation and release media resulting from these materials.

Attractant products

Active ingredient which acts as an attractant  
  • Manufacturing pest traps (rodents, etc.)
  • Manufacturing a medium to attract an animal (insects, etc.)

Repellent products

Active ingredient which acts as a repellent
  • Repelling pests (rodents, insects, etc.)
  • Repelling pests on an animal (ticks, fleas, etc.)
  • Repelling pests from humans (head lice, mosquitoes, etc.)

Nutritive products

  • Diffusion during biodegradation to enrich the soil (in a flowerpot)
  • Promoting the development of bacterial flora

Curative products

  • Diffusion during biodegradation to avoid a disease (plant or animal)
  • Diffusion during biodegradation to cure a disease (plant or animal)

Depollutant products

Establishing and proliferation of a bacterial colony in an aqueous environment
  • For denitrification of water (fishkeeping, etc.)
  • For breeding in fish farming
  • For septic tanks