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Collaborative Projects focus: Bio-Plastics Europe project

Bio-plastics Europe project (Developing and Implementing Sustainability Based Solutions for Bio-Based Plastic Production and Use to Preserve Land and Sea Environmental Quality in Europe) is regrouping 22 partners from 13 countries: universities, research centres, associations, industrials, etc.

With an estimated duration of 48 months, this project aims to develop sustainable strategies and solutions for biobased plastic products, as well as to develop approaches focused on circular innovation for the whole bioplastics system. Furthermore, environmental and health issues will be taken into account, supporting policy-making in research, innovation and technology transfer.

Bio-Plastics Europe project: diversified applications

The project has begun with a kick-off in Hamburg in 2019 where all the partners met. Between June and September 2020, NaturePlast has begun the production of the materials.

Bio-Plastics europe project

Different formulations have thus been developed so as to meet the requirements of the applications targeted:
– Biodegradable little toys
– Semi-rigid packaging (ex: cosmetic cream pot)
– Agricultural film

The materials produced are currently tested by other partners from the project in order to study their aging as well as the biodegradation in different media.

On the 27th January, NaturePlast organised in the frame of the project, a “virtual get together” for all public on the theme: biobased and /or biodegradable plastics in France, so as to validate the orientation of the project. The objective was to talk about several topics to have a better understanding of bioplastics and the evolution of the market and legislation in France. This meeting, which allowed to get together 38 participants from all kind of sectors, was also an opportunity for the companies Filt 1860 and Francofil to share their experience with bioplastics.

And future work to be carried out

In the next months to come, NaturePlast will get involved in the Bio-Plastics Europe project through several actions. It will participate to the information collection on plastics recycling in France and will provide information on biodegradation and materials safety standards (ex: ecotoxicity, food contact, etc…) as well as life cycle analysis of materials.

The formulations of the three materials developed will then be improved by NaturePlast based on the results of the various tests carried out by the partners.

The latest newsletter of the project can also be downloaded from this link:

About us: NaturePlast is a french company based in Normandy (IFS-14), specialized in bioplastics. With more than 10 years of experience in this field, the company has the most extensive portfolio of raw materials and biobased and/or biodegradable compounds in Europe. With its daughter company BiopolyNov, they provide support to industrialists from the origin to the industrialisation of their innovative project. Thanks to their R&D expertise acquired during the years, NaturePlast and BiopolyNov are renowned major player in the development and production of formulations for clients and collaborative projects.