The most extensive portfolio of bioplastic materials in Europe

NaturePlast and its daughter company BiopolyNov specialise in providing support to industrialists who wish to develop products using bioplastic materials.

Since 2007, we have been providing complete support for our clients projects.
Our expertise allows us to be present from the inception of an innovative project to its industrial realisation, completing all the coordination steps.
Today in Europe, NaturePlast is a renowned major player in bioplastics and has the most extensive portfolio of bioplastic materials, ranging from vegetable-based to biodegradable materials.


In response to this requirement, NaturePlast’s objective is to provide the widest range of alternative solutions. To achieve this, NaturePlast decided to offer industrialists the entire range of unprocessed bioplastic materials on the global market on one hand, and standard or customised bioplastic compounds on the other hand.

concerning bioplastics

NaturePlast offers industrialists customised expertise solutions upstream of the development tests and industrialisation. This expertise consists of training programs which help our clients understand the bioplastics market.


From the time it was created in 2010, BiopolyNov remains the only private Research and Development centre in Europe solely dedicated to the modification/optimisation of bioplastic materials. The objective of BiopolyNov is to develop customised creations either for our clients